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See how creating and moving projects forward in Colabus will help your team know who is doing what and by when.
Team Zone

Collaboration is key for teams that needs the ability to work together dynamically. They need a place to centralize Team Communication,

Documents, Innovative Ideas, Scrums and keep everyone focused on what matters.

Create seamless communication thread and convert them as Actionable Tasks (Conversation)
  • Kick-start a communication and discuss with the team about issues that pertain to the workspace or project or any issues holding up progress. Convert the important discussion points into actionable Tasks on the go. Attach a voice or video message, picture or any document which can support the conversation thread.
  • Upload workspace or project documents with ease. View or Update documents with version control. Share folder or documents to one or more team members. Create a Document Task for any to perform actions on the document.
Manage Projects & Task with Colabus AI

Using sentiment analysis and other algorithms, Colabus provides suggestions to focus and monitor key issues in a Workspace or Project. You can gain data driven insights into team productivity and potential problems. It also has a powerful voice assistant to get information from the system as well as interactive help, besides performing navigation. With the voice assistant you can create/update tasks, create a workspace, query the status of a project as well as get your notification and more!

Project Management and Accountability

Clear and concise communication, visibility to work packages and progress reduce the guess work of managing projects. Visual and interactive task boards gets everyone on the same page.

Turn Green – Building a Culture of Success

When you make progress on a Task, just drag the progress bar to the right or enter percentage and keep track of actual hours spent. Each progress level is saved with your comments for future reference. This helps troubleshoot problems faster.

Create a culture of success and see all your Project milestones turn green.

All your emails at one place

How about all your project emails at one place? Save huge amount of time on meetings and wasteful communication efforts. No more long email threads. Handle all your emails and communication for the project in one place.

Powerful Search with Voice

Now search your files, documents, tags and conversation with our powerful search engine. You can also use voice commands to perform your search.


Plan, view, share work with scheduled tasks and keep information in context and up-to-date. Get the big picture, faster!


Unified communication feature enables team members to interact with each other individually or as a group.

  • Share screens, brain-storm ideas using interactive white boards
  • Exchange instant messages, both with the person on the call as well as other people.
  • View recommended artifacts
  • Multi person meeting minutes
  • View transcript in real time
  • Create Tasks on the fly
  • Record call
Apps & Integrations

Integrate your essential business tools with Colabus and make it as your project control center. Getting work done can involve multiple applications and tools and connecting them to Colabus puts everything right at your fingertips. Whether it’s forwarding emails to Colabus, accessing files in the cloud, working with documents and images, or integrating with other applications, our apps and integrations enable you to easily have all your project information in one place and automate cross-platform workflow.

Google, Slack, Asana, Facebook Workplace, Jira, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Cisco Spark (WebEx)
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