Welcome to a comprehensive collaboration experience.

Colabus workspaces provide an integrated digital framework to work with documents, team conversations, tasks, workflows, project plans, emails, instant messages and resources to make your organization and teams function better. With our AI engine, projects and initiatives can always be kept on track.

Colabus is a new way for teams to work together anytime, anywhere.

C-ME unified communications feature enables team members to interact with each other using the audio/ video calling capability & instant messaging.

Have a one-on-one or a group audio/ video call

Share screens, brain-storm ideas using the interactive white boards

Exchange instant messages, both with the person on the call as well as other people.

View AI based recommended artefacts

Create actionable meeting minutes

View conversation transcript in real time

Create and assign tasks on the fly

Record call

Colabus Business edition is for general team collaboration. This comes with a lot of powerful, integrated features and simplified system administration.

All features of C-ME

Record call and share with other team members

Maintain project emails in one place

Create & brain storm Ideas,

Integrated Workspaces/ Projects

Conversations, Tasks, Workflows, Document Management Team Collaboration

Calendar -Tasks, Events

Advanced Search

Track your Project/Task progress on any device

AI Voice assistant and voice navigation

Colabus Enterprise edition has it all. Teams have enhanced collaboration features and advanced system administration, out of the box integration with 3rd party products, advanced AI analytics as well as comprehensive Agile project management.

All features of Business

Agile methods of project management

Integrations - Slack, Google, Cisco Spark & more


Enhanced system administration

Analytics, Dashboards and Reports

AI based recommendations for tasks and projects

Sentiment analysis and AI algorithms to keep projects/ initiatives on track