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Not the other way around

Knowledge is scattered across multiple silos. More time is spent looking for things like documents, notes, tasks, messages, mails, discussions etc. Harness the potential of your workforce with a more modern tool.

All the Best Features

Ensure your projects are moving in the right direction with Colabus. Your entire team will be more productive and getting answers to questions of who is doing what and by when will be a breeze.
Team interactions redefined. (Projects)

Manage everything in a single place. Make every project a success.
Let Colabus’ AI engine help you make the right decisions.

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Make sure you hit your deadline.(Task/Agile/Sprint)

Use timelines to create plans and sprints. Keep track of progress and work slippages. Make your stand up meeting more productive.

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Communicate with your team in context.

Visualize your work and communications together to make better sense. Move work through multiple stages quickly and easily.

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Plan timelines, Track progress, Host an Event, keep an eye on your week.

Think you might have missed something? Never again! Easily see which deadlines are looming and be notified if something is at risk of slipping through the cracks. Stay focused on problems that matter and take corrective actions based on real-time AI analysis of inputs.

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Tie it all together. (Integrations)

Bring emails, various documents and more into Colabus. With over 10+ integrations to choose from, so you can communicate between Colabus and other popular tools that you are using. Let the Colabus AI engine make sense of all that data. Integration APIs make it easy to connect with any other systems.

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Colabus lets you unlock the potential in all of your team work

with various dashboard and reports as well as AI based analytics and recommendations

Team Collaboration made simple. Try it for FREE.

Colabus and the tools you love are Integrated

Integrations to make tracking your work even easier. Exchange data between systems. Colabus AI engine provides you with a holistic view to keep your projects on track.


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