Colabus is a cloud based collaboration hub for business process agility. By providing structure and transparency to your unstructured and semi-structured processes, it is the glue that ties the information silos together across companies, departments and business units.

Unlike most solutions that are expensive, require a lot of resources and head-count to deploy and maintain; COLABUS is a cloud-based solution that is cost-effective, simple to use and is readily deployed on demand.

Colabus embraces varying work styles, leading to happier and more productive teams.Documents, emails, tasks, work flows, notes, messages and discussions scattered in various silos and institutional knowledge atrophy due to personal changes lead to overall productivity loss and inability to react quickly to changing business needs. With an integrated approach to communication, document management, task and project management, Colabus is suited for workgroups involved in varied processes like Innovation, DevOps, Sales and Marketing, and HR.


Integrations to make tracking your work even easier


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Work Smarter. Make your teams agile

When business changes are happening at a rapid pace, the knowledge worker needs tools that will keep pace with the challenges of multi-dimensional collaboration. Having information at your fingertips in real time on any device significantly improves productivity and makes teams more efficient.

Stop Searching. Start Working

Knowledge is scattered across multiple silos. More time is spent looking for things like documents, notes, tasks, messages, mails, discussions etc. Harness the potential of your workforce with modern tools.

Colabus is an integrated platform for content, messaging, task, project and resource management.

More Signal, Less Noise

If you are already overwhelmed with email, think what would happen when you have irrelevant information overload due to social collaboration. Productivity suffers if there is too much noise that obscures the things that really matter.

Colabus provides effective collaboration.

Agile Business

What does it take to be an agile business? Having a pulse on the business at all times, being able to innovate faster, react faster to business trends and nimbleness in communication across various stakeholders, visibility, measurability, flexibility and accountability leading to a better experience for your customers.

Colabus enables your digital transformation into an agile business.

Anytime, Anywhere

An agile team works across geographies, on the move, or in remote locations. With a consistent interface, Colabus mobile and desktop apps ensure full functionality and require no additional training, allowing anyone to work anytime, anywhere on any device.

Colabus increases your productivity by letting you work on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Secure Collaboration

Appropriate security measures are required for communication and collaboration within an enterprise and teams for compliance, governance to prevent mishandling of intellectual property.

Intuitive, privileged based access; audit trails, SSL encryption and authentication are standard.

Colabus provides unparalleled, secure collaboration in an intuitive fashion.

Scalable and Open Architecture

The platform has been built to scale from small teams to very large teams. On-boarding is made quick and easy and supports single sign-on.

Colabus even provides the customer to have their data on their own storage system. With the use of APIs, Colabus interacts with various third party system.

Colabus works with small and large teams and integrates with other products.

Experience the power of Colabus


Effective Collaboration Delivering Real Business Impact

Bringing Agility to Unstructured and Semi-Structured Processes

Business applications and IT projects go through the life cycle of Requirements, Analysis, Development, Testing, UATs and the much awaited 'Cutover'. The countdown has begun. The team is on pins and needles. Management are equally anxious that things will go smoothly and there will be no adverse impact to the business due to snafus. It is the realization that this is the 'real deal'. Have all the "i's" been dotted and the "t's" been crossed? Will everything work fine? Is there a backup plan, in case things go wrong?

This process can be made a lot smoother with a proper, structured approach, visibility of communication amongst all the team members and management and some automation.

In any business environment there are processes that follow a set pattern or flow. These are structured processes that are done repeatedly and are more transactional in nature. Most companies use ERPs or other packaged software to handle these. However, there are nearly an equal number of processes that are loosely structured and are more ad-hoc in nature. These are the semi-structured and unstructured processes. Wonder what they may be? How many times have things been emailed back and forth with attachments of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF documents etc.?

There doesn't seem to be a way to 'structure' these unstructured and semi-structured processes. The information is scattered around in various silos, repositories and emails and necessitates a search for constructing the whole picture. As companies are grappling with their digital transformation strategy, it is becoming necessary to include customers and vendors as part of their business processes to better react to market needs.